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What is DataForSEO Trends?

The Free DataForSEO Trends Tool will help you discover the search popularity of any keyword worldwide and explore the search trends by country. You can use this information to analyze search term popularity, explore potential story ideas, or enrich your content with compelling data illustrating the level of interest in your target terms. Whether you're a marketer, journalist, or researcher, DataForSEO Trends provides valuable data to measure search interest in a particular keyword, in a particular location, and at a particular time.


DataForSEO Trends FAQ

With DataForSEO Trends, you can compare the popularity rates of two or more keywords on a relative scale, though the comparison is limited to five keywords.

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DataForSEO Trends API is a robust and user-friendly solution for accessing valuable keyword popularity data. Our free unlimited trial allows you to explore search trends without any restrictions. Here's a step-by-step guide.

  • Register with DataForSEO and go to the Keyword Data section of our API Playground.
  • Select DataForSEO Trends and set the endpoint of your choice under Functions.
  • Enter your keyword(s), location, and other parameters. Hit Request to make an API call.